about us

About Vinayak Group

With over twenty seven years of existence, Vinayak Group has created a niche in the real estate arena. Its consistency, passion for work and dedicated customer services has helped the brand earn prominence. With a versatile range of offerings, the Group has emerged as a passionate real estate entity, catering to a variety of customers and winning their confidence with every project.

Vinayak Group, a debt free concern, has already completed over a million square feet of real estate space since its inception and is working steadily towards developing much more in the coming years.

The Group has maintained sustainable relations not only with the land owners but also with the leading developers of Kolkata with whom the Group has formed joint ventures / partnerships i.e. PS Group, Srijan Group, West Bengal Housing Board etc. launching successful real estate projects in Kolkata.

Our Logo

The Vinayak logo has been created with a lot of thought. It is a diagrammatic and symbolic representation of the convergence of the 4 Vs or virtues that define the core of the Vinayak Group.

  • Virtuous: The Group is high on morality, ethical standards and values.
  • Visionary: The Group has a propensity to forecast long term developments and is, therefore, guided by strategic vision and foresight.
  • Versatile: The Group is flexible in its operations and customer service allowing for the highest levels of customisation in its products and services.
  • Vivacious: The Group is young, dynamic and extremely spirited and enthusiastic as well as open to change, making it easier to evolve to contemporary work mandates.

Chairman Message

School taught me about five basic human needs; air, water, food, clothing and shelter. I chose to build shelter; fulfill one of the necessities. This aspiration was the key driver in the formation of Vinayak Group. We have enjoyed a dream run for the last 27 years. On the one hand we built peaceful homes and commercial spaces and on the other, fuelled by passion and hard work, we translated customer transactions into everlasting relationship. I wish to thank all my stakeholders for allowing us to achieve the heights we have scaled today.

Umesh Kyal (Chairman)